by The Bushwick Book Club

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All songs recorded live at Barbès in Park Slope, Brooklyn for our show of new music and conceptual art for Alex Palmer's SANTA CLAUS MAN.


released December 31, 2019

All songs recorded live and mixed and mastered by Lusterlit. Album art by Scott MX Turner


all rights reserved



The Bushwick Book Club Brooklyn, New York

We started in January 2009 playing songs written in response to Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. We haven't stopped since. We've written & performed songs inspired by everything from "On The Origin of Species" to Dr. Seuss to Raymond Carver. There are BBCs popping up nationwide now. Bushwick Book Club Seattle started in 2010 & is run by Geoff Larson. Our nerdy dare-devilry knows no bounds. ... more


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Track Name: Charlie Nieland - This Is Not A Christmas Song
This Is Not A Christmas Song

'Tis the season To wish for yours
As you yearn for the other shore

Hold your breath Try not to drown
As this whole whirlpool pulls you down

Tell us what you wanted
What you cannot have
In one little message
You'll be so glad

So few have so much
So few have so much
You'll remember just
When to look and not to touch

We pulled down the stars In this gilded age
And built for you a concrete cage

Locked in your space With the exits blocked
When the fire came you weren't even shocked

We've got a surprise
We've brought him to life
Right before your very eyes

So few have so much
So few have so much
The world you see above
Is not the one you're dreaming of

This Is not a Christmas song
And the story that you know is a Santa - con

So few have so much
So few have so much
There's nowhere to run
When you're the one they're preying on

So few have so much
So few have so much
The world you see above
Is not the one your dreaming of
Track Name: Ellia Bisker - Please Mr. Santa
Please Mr. Santa

On the first Christmas night, two thousand years ago
Three wise men in robes of crimson silk
Rode silently from the east to the west
Each carried on his saddle-bow a finely wrought casket

Please, Mr. Santa, will you send me a glass eye?
Mine is broke and I can’t see the sky
Reach into your sack and pull out the life I
Always wanted

We all were the victims of old St. Toogood
Who talked so loud he broke all the dishes
Saved sailors from famine, and children from pirates
Society ladies from Boy Scouts with rifles

The gold-rimmed spectacled professors
And crooked solicitors down in the rathskeller
A poor boy gets nothing but dunder and blixem
A German opera sung in Italian

The pulp of five thousand letters
Went into the bust we petition for presents
Post office idol or jolly old elf or
A sculpture in honor of commerce and sentiment

If trouble breaks out it will come from the poor
Through the plate-glass windows where the rich enjoy
All their baubles and sweets from extravagant shops
It makes a hell of longing for all the have-nots
Track Name: Ray Brown and Bob Gallagher - Dear Santa
“Dear Santa”
By Ray Brown and Bob Gallagher

Santa, I know it’s been a long time
But there’s something I really really need

250,000 euro, a little cottage on the north side of Dublin and a D4 visa
And a bunch of MDMA

Last night I started crying
Watching Glen Hansard on Youtube
Singing Auld Triangle in iveagh gardens
This shit has got to end

I’ve been out with Odin
On the wild hunt
Flying thru the night sky
Making the dogs howl
Making the grown men cry

So I know that you’re a fraud
I don’t want your stolen art and phony Boy Scouts and Coney Island bullfights
Just get me to Dublin tonight

Dear Santa
Please please please
Get me out of Dublin
And I won’t call the cops on you
Oh, I know that you’re running a con

“Ireland is tiny and miserable”-
Me when I’m there
“I come from the Emerald Isle
Land of saints and scholars
My father is a pint
My blood is Kerry Gold” -
Me when I’m here

All I need is an 0 visa
Maybe Bird Coler could help you get that for me
If not, you’re going to jail
But I’m not going back to Dublin, I’m going to Italy

Harmony is a magical / beautiful thing

But I don’t think it will
Ever be for me
Track Name: Seth Rothschild - I Wanna Believe
“I Wanna Believe”
by Seth Rothschild

“I wanna believe
If I’m deceived
If the giver is a grifter
Then it’s the gift and not the gifter”


“I was born the same day as Jesus
Did I happen to mention?
Ever since I’ve been looking for a way
To get more attention
(Than Jesus)”
Track Name: Susan Hwang - Big Hug to Gluck
“Dear Santa - Big Hug to Gluck”
By Susan Hwang

All the things he wanted, thought he needed and didn’t have
like the extra L in Duval.
And the secret service he was a member of
in his mind didn’t fool anyone at all.

An imaginary Esquire.
The imaginary good he was doing to get him the reality of
cash that could buy the things to convince the part of himself
that didn’t believe that he was enough.

How many extra l’s does it take
How many degrees from Columbia faked
how many famous hands do you have to shake?

Santa, can you please give a big hug to Gluck
and let him know that he’s enough.

Sometimes what it takes
is when everything’s at stake
15 years of a life you’ve made
is lost and you’re broke

Your reputation is toast,
but Santa was listening close
when he sent you that woman who still laughs at your jokes.

He sent you a Bird (Bird S. Coler)
who set you free from what you thought you needed to be
to be loved. To be loved.
Sometimes that bird from Santa is a Public Welfare Commissioner hell bent on bringing you down.
Xmas magic works in mysterious ways.
And then get to go off to Miami and live happily ever after with Gertrude
who loves you and always will.
Track Name: Teresa Toro - Mister Fly By Night
“Mister Fly by Night”
by Teresa Toro

I closed my eyes
I made a wish
Winter surprise
Unexpected bliss

Our little secret
Yours and mine to keep
You pay your visits
While my neighbors sleep

Mister Fly by Night
You’re the man of my dreams
What others question
I just gotta believe
If I’m wrong then I don’t want to be right
Don’t let me down
Mister Fly by Night

Just once a year
I can call you mine
But while you’re here
It's magic making time

Carry me away
Let’s fly around the moon
Let our singular pursuit
Be one of bold adventure
Snowflakes and champagne
Spark the stars on our commute
But dawn is coming soon
And then we must surrender

Mister Fly by Night
You’re the man of my dreams
What others question
I just gotta believe
If I’m wrong then I don’t want to be right
Don’t let me down
Mister Fly By Night

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