by The Bushwick Book Club

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released June 12, 2016



all rights reserved


The Bushwick Book Club Brooklyn, New York

We started in January 2009 playing songs written in response to Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. We haven't stopped since. We've written & performed songs inspired by everything from "On The Origin of Species" to Dr. Seuss to Raymond Carver. There are BBCs popping up nationwide now. Bushwick Book Club Seattle started in 2010 & is run by Geoff Larson. Our nerdy dare-devilry knows no bounds. ... more

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Track Name: Casey Holford - Eraserhead at Midnight
Look what you made
It exists without explanation
You don't explain it
It won't explain itself

This film is paint
That's what you learned from education
You wanted it to move and move and move
And now it moves itself

David, self-reflection is a killer for creation
That's what I always found
I'm not sure if that's the same as meditation
I'm not likely to find out

Tiny ideas
are swimming anywhere you care to cast a line
Fish the dark corners
A little mystery is good for the mind

David, I went to watch Eraserhead at midnight
I saw your sea is beautiful and scary
You went down in the depths and dragged some monsters back into the light
Now the monsters look strangely ordinary

You made a foundation
For kids meditation
I like the things you say
But I don't like LA

(That gum you like is going to come back in style)
Track Name: Jessie Kilguss - Fellini
A warm summer evening in Italy
went to meet the master, you and me
There were rumors he was dying
There were rumors

found him in a Roman hospital
by the window counting rosaries
in a wheelchair
looking like a soothsayer

When you walk towards the light
With every step
Things get brighter
With every breath

You made small talk with his beautiful wife
He was sifting through memories, I sat down at his side
The light danced through his eyes
The light danced

When you walk towards the light
With every step
Things get brighter
With every breath

He said
I love seeing people come out of the darkness
And emerge into the light
A warm breeze brought the scent
Of summer roses from outside

When you walk towards the light
With every step
Things get brighter
With every breath
Track Name: Susan Hwang - Advice from Art Dad
An idea is a thought.  that holds more than you think it does when you think it…
Watch for the spark, the lightbulb, the cork the floats no matter how you try and sink it
You think you want it to fall into your lap all at once.
But then you don’t get to discover the joy of the hunt.

You can inhale until you get sick
or you can taste it lick by lick
You’ve got the Rosetta Stone, the rest is to come.
you’ve got the idea now you just fall in love

Blue Velvet was red lips, green lawns and song.  Bobby Vinton,
Next thing the ear, in the field and all of it hinting
towards the whole it was to become
You start with whatever you’ve got
You start with whatever you got,
You start with what fragment you’ve got
then you fall in love.

David Lynch believes in your pure consciousness
Apparently there’s an ocean of it.
He says it’s the white around those other states of being
He believes in your light and it’s brighter than in philly….

Desire is the bait on your hook that you use to catch fish.
The fish is the the idea that eats the desire; it can’t resist.
Catch even a fragment and soon you will have even more.
Until you realize what that first one was for.

Keep diving down with that desire
Bait the hook, feed the fire
Go as deep as you want, when it gets dark come back to the diner.
You thought that films needed funding they d but there’s nothing to fun
if you don’t get those fish, final cut and fall in love.
Track Name: Charlie Nieland - Nothing
I am nothing
I am nothing in the end

There's no trying
There's no trying to pretend

And it's all just the ocean or the fire or the wind
And the unbounded motion doesn't end or begin
And it's breaking you open when you're diving within
But your heart isn't frozen

There is nothing
There is nothing to defend

They say don't worry about the darkness
Cause the light will return
And the fire takes the likeness
Of all that it burns
But this drunken boat is lost now
And I'm lashed by the tides
Washed away in the ocean

I am nothing
I am nothing

And the fire you will learn
Takes the shape of what burns
Track Name: Sweet Soubrette - More Wind
verse 1:
Red lips / Green lawns / And Bobby Vinton’s song
See a lonely ear / lying in a field / paint the picture till you can believe it’s real

but you need more wind
more wind / more wind / more wind
and you seek more wind
more wind / more wind / more wind

verse 2:
better do your work / that’s all you can control / gotta feed your family but don’t sell your soul
you’re on the threshold / as you wait for more / someday later you’ll be coming through that door


Don’t fight the darkness
Just build a red room of your own
Learn how to unlock it
The wind will tell you if you let it blow

verse 3:
you don’t know the box / and you don’t know the key / but something is unfolding into mystery
like a rush of air / brushing against your skin
is it a secret message / you can smell the jasminein the storm that’s rising / on the vast horizonthere are forces wilder / in the world inside you