Bushwick Book Club presents HOW TO MAKE WHITE PEOPLE LAUGH by Negin Farsad

by The Bushwick Book Club

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All songs recorded live at Little Skips in Bushwick on April 8, 2017.
All songs created in response to Negin Farsad's HOW TO MAKE WHITE PEOPLE LAUGH.


released April 26, 2017

photos by AJ Gustern



all rights reserved


The Bushwick Book Club Brooklyn, New York

We started in January 2009 playing songs written in response to Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. We haven't stopped since. We've written & performed songs inspired by everything from "On The Origin of Species" to Dr. Seuss to Raymond Carver. There are BBCs popping up nationwide now. Bushwick Book Club Seattle started in 2010 & is run by Geoff Larson. Our nerdy dare-devilry knows no bounds. ... more

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Track Name: Charlie Nieland - Third Thing

A third thing.
I'm a third thing.
Not just a product of where I live.
Not just the offspring of my relatives.
I'm a third thing.
A nation can't contain.
A religion can't restrain.
Only the hyphen can explain.
I'm a third thing.
A third thing.
And if the someone you forsake
is the someone who makes good cake
then are your habits so hard to break?
With the third thing.
Not just myself, but not iconic.
I am plastic; not being ironic.
Turn around the fitful sense
of the swing hitters on the fence.
The Idealogical Sluts and silent friends
just test your patience in the end.
Fringe effects make the hate so strong.
No matter how sad or small the throng.
Questioned and threatened in front of all
but soon enough we will all be called
A third thing.
Give it a couple generations.
A third thing.
We'll be a hyphenated nation.
A third thing.
It feels so good to be
A third thing.
Entertaining family trees.
Track Name: Jessie Kilguss - Ted Talkin'
Growing up in a cultural waste land
All strip malls and old people waiting to die
You develop a sense of humor
living on the outside

High schoolers in Palm Springs
Think inside the box
With minds like a closed fist
With a handful of rocks
High schoolers in Palm Springs
Can be real douche bags

Now I’m making the world
A little less racist with my TED talking
like a social justice comedy version of
Stephen Hawking

Out in the wider world
It becomes clear
I’m not from there and I’m not from here
I am a third thing entirely

As a fellow at TED
You get a lot of perks
Unlimited snacks & unlimited nerds
Everyone with their own unique specialty

Now I’m making the world
A little less racist with my TED talking
like a social justice comedy version of
Stephen Hawking

People let down their guard
When they’re laughing
Makes em more open and more empathic
To learn about different cultures and ethnicities
And eradicate racist ignorant mentalities

Now I’m making the world
A little less racist with my TED talking
like a social justice comedy version of
Stephen Hawking
Track Name: Jim Andralis - Let It Try
Jim Andralis

Let it hurry down the stairs
Let it come underground
Let it watch us ride to work
Let it have a look around

Let it push onto the train
Let it get into our brain
Let it fuck with our commute
Let it fuck up our view

Let it make a stupid sound
Until it’s just some thing that we don’t waste our time on
Let it desecrate our playgrounds
Until it’s just another thing for kids to climb on

Let it rain into our drains
Let it flood into the sewer
Let it bubble up again
Filtered clear and pure

Let it whisper in our ears
Let it prey on all our fears
Let it cover up the sky
Let it try

Let it look us in the eye
Before it shatters into dust
Let it stomp its stupid feet
Until it realizes it’s no match for us

Let’s keep it under glass
So we can see it as we pass
Under the neighborhoods
Of our beautiful town
Track Name: John S. Hall - Strange Privilege
Strange Privilege

Being Caucasian comes with a backpack Full of privilege, don't you know
I can mostly do whatever i want and
Go where i want to go

And I will never be called a terrorist
No matter what I do
Cause of the color of my skin
Its not right but it is true

Strange privilege...

It is the strangest form of privilege
For mass murderers who are white
Not to get the terrorist label.
Am I right? Of course I'm right

I could blow up a government building
Or set fire to a school
And you still wouldn't call me a terrorist?
That's not cool.

That's a Strange Privilege....

I c‎ould shoot a bunch of people
Nail them all to christmas trees
And you still wouldn't call me a terrorist?
I mean, please.

Strange privilege.....

I could booby trap a playground
Hand out poison halloweeen candy
Thanks but no thanks this kind of privilege
Ain't gonna ever come in handy

If hold hostages in a shotgun shack
Just call me what I am
Asshole fuckface terrorist
White American

(We don't need this)
Strange, strange privilege
Strange privilege
Strange privilege
Track Name: Susan Hwang - Lube
They don’t know muslims can
be secular and fun--
Not all in a three way
with their beards and their guns.
Can’t even stop
enriching uranium
which apparently
sometimes smells like bacon.

White folks control things
like hockey and Game of Thrones,
Tom Hanks' career,
government and iPhones.
Breeding of dogs so
small they can’t even breathe.
The economy, also
printer ink, war and peace.

If she can get things
lubed and slippery enough,
war and misunderstanding
might get unstuck.
Give her a place in
culture and lighten up.

Unless you prefer suffering.
What the fuck.

Are you ready for that cultural shift to hit you the lubed up conniption fit you don’t see coming.

She’s an Iranian-American, female, muslim, honey mustard enthusiast.
She’s going to lube it up.