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Bushwick Book Club presents "Feynman" by Jim Ottaviani

by The Bushwick Book Club

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He Was a Scientist (By Cecil Scheib and Josh Bisker) His first wife had a really sad incurable disease He knew it but he didn’t run he stayed by her bedside That’s not an engineer, my friends, That’s pure as science: love And when she died her hair smelled just the same. He was a scientist. He kept her memories. And when he fell in love He knew his heart like a computer run On beach sand with him you will get some new and bright ideas Find a bride, pay a bribe and you will stay together years Tickle her dragon’s tail, my friend She’ll love you for your quirks Remember it’s the way that nature works He was a scientist Made her his live-in maid And when he fell in love He broke the law so that his wife could come The key to any code is disregard and curiosity They’ll lock you up but a mind alive will learn to wander free He’ll open all that’s locked, my friends, Your safes, your minds, your hearts That madman, he’s a danger to us all He was a scientist Domestic terrorist? And when he fell in love, He saw how life and light themselves begun A legend in his life, Gave up the northern lights, Had Sex with Sally Ride, Feynman
Not going to simplify gonna tell it like it is If you don’t like it find another place to live It’s all photons and electrons over and over again The laws that apply are self-evident don’t make any sense There’s a lot of stuff we don’t understand See the universe in a grain of sand But our theories don’t explain gravity Or the things we see when we go to sleep An electron emits a photon, travels backwards in time Richard Feynman writes a letter to his dead wife He says: I tried to show you the tapes that I made But there were delays and I was too late It doesn’t matter if you like this game More in heaven and earth than any scientist can name The great mystery of life is how can any body know Of all the paths it could take where’s it gonna go honey even though We can calculate probabilities We imagine the possibilities But the gods they play their celestial chess We don’t understand we just take a guess An electron emits a photon, travels backwards in time Richard Feynman writes a letter to his dead wife He says: Please excuse me for not mailing this But I don’t know your new address Now write this down in indelible ink What do you care about what other people think What seems impossible is just a state of mind An electron emits a photon travels back in time Travels back in time travels back in time...
Are you looking for an idea? Go to the beach go to the beach Are you looking for the answer to helium? Go to the beach go to the beach Because it doesn’t get any easier the more you try. You’ll get the answer to your problem When you tap at it light. Tap tap at it light If it doesn’t make you laugh, you’re not doing it right. Nature is messy, absurd. If you don’t like it, go find yourself another universe, tap tap. Tap at it light. If you want to solve the problem of helium, Just fight the urge to fight for an idea. The more you chase them, the more they seem to flee ya’. You work and you work for the things you want to know But the pounding at the problems only seems to make them grow. If it’s getting the better of you, then better let it go. If the decision is hard, then decide not to decide. It’s better to tap at it light. Tap tap at it light… What do you care what people think. People will do what they’re gonna. Politics and people stink. They’re all mugga wugga mugga wugga…. Tap tap at it light. Nature has always been a mess That’s just how it has to be. Even Feynman did confess He couldn’t explain gravity… tap tap tap at it light But he knew enough to never Self torture with remorse. And he knew that the answer is nothing to be forced If you don’t care what you accomplish, you can do it all for fun Crack a safe or Quantum Electrodynamics Just to prove it can be done. Tap tap at it light… If it doesn’t make you laugh you’re not doing it right Nature is messy, absurd If you don’t like, go find yourself another universe tap tap Tap at it light. To get what you're after, the question is never what to feel but what to do, checking the circumstances still match too. Oh Joan, can I call you back. I just discovered a new law of nature that no one else knows. It feels great.
I just left my lips with the wrong girl Even a kiss is flavorless with the wrong girl Though my heart has jumped ship, It wouldn't be democratic if I were to swim ashore to the right girl It's a prisoner's dilemma But I'm gonna get her She makes these fetters Weigh a pound of feathers I close my eyes and pretend I'm with the right girl But even a kiss is treacherous with the wrong girl I never had a problem with bread and butter 'Til your caviar They're starving in Africa Won't you think about the children So I'll steal a glance past the neck of the wrong girl to pierce the graceful guise of the right girl


"What is Richard Feynman's most notable legacy? Pioneering nanotechnology? A Nobel Prize in Physics for quantum electrodynamics? Assisting in the A-Bomb construction? No. It's definitely having his very own graphic novel biography adapted into original music." -GeekChicDaily


released October 7, 2011


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The Bushwick Book Club Brooklyn, New York

We started in January 2009 playing songs written in response to Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. We haven't stopped since. We've written & performed songs inspired by everything from "On The Origin of Species" to Dr. Seuss to Raymond Carver. There are BBCs popping up nationwide now. Bushwick Book Club Seattle started in 2010 & is run by Geoff Larson. Our nerdy dare-devilry knows no bounds. ... more


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